About us

LYFE is inspired to help create the look that is YOU – fashion is about being creative and interpreting who YOU are as an individual and what you are comfortable with.  

Founders Robert Ian Bonnick (former model/Actor/Nightclub Identity based in Milan) and Marina Agustina (Social Photographer/Blogger/Buyer) have been following the transformation of the fashion world for over 20 years - through working with international brands, countless runway shows, fashion festival and personal experience.

When you think about LYFE pieces.... think about sunshine, ocean breeze, love and laughter - the right outfit can lift you up and bring you JOY...

LYFE has a limited product range, we’re purposely staying away from the over-saturation of products. We prefer to keep it simple and easy for our customers to go through the collection and make their decision – less is more, right?

We also encourage you to ask our friendly team as many questions as you’re comfortable with, before purchasing.

Happy Shopping!

Get in touch with us: info@lyfe.boutique